Ruuturitilä 9054 lattia-altaan kanssa käyttöön

The floor basin 9056 is intended for institutional kitchens for the purpose of emptying pots. Floor basins are also commonly used in wet vestibules where they effectively prevent mud reaching other indoor facilities. Other common applications include nursing homes, day-care centres, business centres, airports and public buildings.

Floor basin 9056

The bottom of the floor basin is factory-fitted with a trap suitable for the intended application. Both standard and barrel-type traps are used in institutional kitchens. Sand separator traps are commonly used in wet vestibules.

The minimum size of the floor basin is 400×400 mm, larger dimensions are available at 100 mm increments.

Floor basin 9056

Further information

Floor basins are custom made to order. The standard depth of the floor basin is 50 mm at the edge of the basin, but basins with varying depths are also available by special order where required. The outlet direction of the trap can be from the long or short side as appropriate. The basin is fitted with squared mesh 9054 as standard, which makes is suitable for the load imposed by personnel traffic.

The standard delivery includes a floor basin with water insulation consistent with the flooring material. The suitable Kavika trap and stainless steel squared mesh 9054 is welded to the bottom of the basin.
When placing an order for a floor basin, the customer should check the flooring material used in the intended location so that the trap can be factory-fitted with the correct type of water insulation.
Remember to also ask about the size of the potential additional connection and its orientation in respect of the discharge pipe.

The most important maintenance measure for the traps is to keep them clean.
The stench trap plate is fitted with a detachable rubber plug for removing blockages in the drain. When you are done, mount the rubber plug and the mesh cover into place.
This applies to all floor drain traps, dirt and sand separators, threshold traps and floor basins manufactured by Kavika. In addition to cleaning, the user must see to it that the traps are always provided with a sufficient amount of water. This is to ensure that the water seals operate flawlessly. Water also prevents dirt from sticking to the traps.