Ruostumattoman teräksen työstö

Rustproof professional competence

For over 70 years, Kavika Oy has designed and manufactured stainless steel products for demanding applications. The customer’s needs always serve as the point of departure in the design of equipment and fixtures: what kind of space and which kind purpose are they needed for? Kavika’s professionalism can be seen in the precision, durability and carefully considered details of the end products.

Kavika is renowned in several specialist sectors as a developer of stainless steel equipment and fixtures. As part of our constant ambition to offer our customers the very best, we have developed manufacturing methods and production technology to better address the challenges our customers are facing.

Our main product lines include hospital and clean room equipment and fixtures and professional catering and shop equipment and fixtures. Our standard product range provides a framework based on which we tailor products that meet the unique demands of our customers’ facilities, needs and wishes.

Durable, custom-made equipment and fixtures for marine vessels are also part of our core competences. We also provide stainless steel products on a contract manufacturing basis and the cutting of stainless steel sheets on a subcontracting basis.

Kavika’s success in the constantly changing environment lies in rapidly responding to the changes in the market and to customers’ requirements. Kavika has long cherished the enterprising attitude that originates back in 1945 when Kavika’s founders began manufacturing metal utensils for households.