Kurasyöppö kura-allas koteihin

The Kurasyöppö mud stopper, Finland’s first and most renowned mud trap basin, is the best friend of families with children and dogs. The Kurasyöppö mud stopper is available in three different sizes and ten different models.

Designed to help families to keep their homes free of mud, Kurasyöppö has been being manufactured since the early 1990s. Today, Kurasyöppö is the market leader in its field in Finland. There are dedicated models available for heavy-duty use in day-care centres and other public facilities.

The best place for Kurasyöppö is right in front of the entrance or in its immediate vicinity. Other good options are a separate mud stopper vestibule or waterproofed utility room. Kurasyöppö can also be located in the porch.

Kurasyöppö is made of stainless EN 1.4301 steel without any welding seams and with rounded corners. Depending on the model and application, the basin is provided with a plastic strainer basket or stainless steel barrel trap with a strainer basket to prevent dirt matter from entering the sewer.

Kurasyöppö keeps indoor premises clean. Sand and other dirt drips with water into the strainer basket inside the basin. The strainer basket prevents the clogging of the sewer. The Maxi and Midi models are also available with a larger strainer basket.