Sand separator basin 7070

The sand separator basin is intended for preventing sand from entering the sewer network. Sand separator basins are used in cleaning cupboards in connection with washbasins.

The detachable inner basin serves as the actual separator basin that is easy to empty.
The supply water pipe is led into the basin through the hole in the cover, and the discharge pipe, DN32, is connected to the floor drain.

Outer dimensions 480x330x120 mm
Inner basin 300x280x115 mm

The sand separator basin 7070 comes with a flat bottom, which makes it possible to place it on the washstand’s lower shelf below the sink.

Sand separator basin 7070 Basic model sand separator basin and the legged model

Sand separator basin 7070/T

The sand separator basin 7070/T is equipped with low legs; in other respects the structure is similar to the model described above. The leg adjustment pads make it easy to place the sand separator basin in a room with a sloping floor.