We manufacture various kinds of stainless and acid-proof grates and covers for floor basins and traps.

Mesh covers

A trap always comes with a round mesh cover, the diameter of which varies according to the trap concerned.
The standard material strength of the mesh cover is 3.0 mm, but they are also available in grades strong enough for a pallet jack (5.0 mm) and a forklift (8.0 mm).

Squared mesh 9054

The squared mesh is made of 2 mm stainless steel. The height of the mesh is 30 mm. The mesh comes with a floor basin, threshold trap 9058 and sand separator traps 9070 and 9071 as standard.

The squared mesh is suitable for indoor facilities such as entrance areas of public buildings and kitchens, because it is not slippery, even when wet. If there is traffic over the mesh imposing loads heavier than personnel traffic, we recommend using a mesh with a 5 mm tile as the lattice as it will withstand the load imposed by a forklift. The forklift-grade squared mesh is suitable for floor basins and troughs used in warehouse facilities, for example, where a stronger load-bearing capacity is required of the mesh. The squared mesh is also available to customers made to order, in which case the dimensions can be changed with 100 mm increments.


The grate with 25 mm height is used as standard in Kavika’s Kurasyöppö mud stopper, but it can also be used with Kavika’s floor basins. The benefits of the grate include a round-surface profile that is highly suitable for settings such as mud stopper vestibules used in day-care centres and the like.