Pitkäikäinen astianpalautusjärjestelmä teräksestä

The hygiene requirements of institutional kitchens pose special requirements for materials. Our stainless and acid-proof steel equipment and fixtures have been so designed that they are easy to keep clean. Our equipment and fixtures have also been designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. As a material, stainless or acid-proof steel is a durable and long-lasting, which makes it highly suitable for applications designed in view of the life-cycle model.

The standardised structure makes it possible to use Kavika’s dish return system equipment and fixtures to design a unique, ergonomic and functional working environment for handling, moving and sorting all the dishes that are to be washed. Our dish return system includes hand-operated sorting tables and roller track and slide conveyors for baskets.

The equipment and fixtures included in our dish return system are easy to install, operate and maintain.